12 Mar

Testing the Urban Game prototype as a Public Consultation Tool

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The journey started exactly a year ago when Rustavi City Mayor started Rustavi Innovations Hub with the support of UNDP Georgia and ServiceLab of Public Service Development Agency. One year may not be a lot, but the Rustavi Hub team managed to accomplish plenty in this short period of time.

Last week we went to International Scout Center Rustavi to discuss previous public consultations, and test this very new Urban Game made for Rustavi by Justyna Król (CEO of Urban Workshop), who prior to that helped to create four different urban development scenarios for the city for further public consultations (Please check out the Urban Foresight Report).

The workshop turned out to be very productive and fun due to the high engagement of the stakeholders:

ServiceLab, Rustavi City Hall, UNDP Georgia, Orbeliani Georgia, Urban Workshop team and Rustavi local youth joined together to explore the ways of increasing public engagement in public consultations through the simulation board game. The involvement of highly motivated local students was one of the main highlights of the workshop.

The day started by discussing Mortal Sins and Golden Rules of public consultations, and behavioral patterns of local community involved in the process. Then we moved to the more exciting part – THE GAME.

The Urban Game is a modern consultation method in the form of a board game that supports and socializes the process of shaping “smart cities”. It helps to collect information on the needs of the local community and educates them about smart solutions functioning in the cities. The game consists of three rounds: identifying problems or needs of a specific area of the city, exploring initial solutions and choosing the best solution to meet those needs. The flow of the game is somewhat similar to that of Monopoly and lets participants solve real issues in a highly engaging manner.

At the end of the day, the workshop participants provided detail feedback on how to improve and finalize the game and soon we will have a chance to present it to locals.

For detailed information, please check out Rustavi Hub blog post on Medium.

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